Norton Family Parental Control Software

Norton family parental control software is a freeware parenting softwares created by Symantec based on cloud system so you can monitor your kids computer activities from anywhere and now they also providing monitoring apps for android smartphone and apple ios phone.

Online Family Norton is a good parental control freeware software that provides an option to set parental control over what content a child can access on internet. The restriction can be customized to notify a strict No-Access to a simple email notification to the parent whenever the child accesses the site.

To use Norton Family you must sign up first (free) on they site, download the software then install it on your kids computer after that you can login any time on they site to see your kids online activities.

Here is the the list of what can Norton Family parental Control do :
- Tracks what web sites your kids visit. Lets you block inappropriate sites

- Help you manage your kids computer time

- Keeps an eye on your kids social network activities

- Tells you what your kids search for online

- Phone monitoring & filtering

- Shows online activity for the last 7 days

Norton Family Parental Control Software
If you want more advanced features than the freeware softwares you should use they family premier softwares.